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FVRA Community Projects

Community Garden

  • Before
  • After

A big thank you to resident Chris Van Helden who has given both his time and expertise to design and plant the main bed in our community garden. These plants have generously be provided by the Findon Wyevale Garden Centre.

The planters are gradually being adopted from within the community.

This garden is now beginning to take shape and we hope that you will take the opportunity to come along to see the progress being made.

We are still looking for volunteers to cut the grass on a regular basis.

Contact Maggie Winter on 01903 263038 or email

Community Bus Shelters

  • The first of the two new bus shelters for Findon Valley
    The first of the two new bus shelters for Findon Valley
  • The WSCC Community Team alongside Maggie Winter and Rene Hardman of the FVRA with the local resident who suggested the idea of a bus shelter.
    The WSCC Community Team
  • The second new bus shelter on the A24 Findon Road.
    The second new bus shelter on the A24 Findon Road.

The first Findon Valley bus shelter, situated opposite Downside Avenue on the A24, was achieved thanks to a successful bid by the FVRA for funding from the WSCC Community Initiative Fund. A £1,643 grant was awarded to the FVRA to cover the cost of the materials.

The building work was carried out by volunteers from WSCC Community Solutions Team and in June 2016 there was an official opening of the bus shelter that led to an article printed in the Worthing Herald.

A subsequent bid by Maggie Winter, FVRA Chairman, led to another bus shelter being built at the bottom of Central Avenue in early 2017.

If you can help in any way, please contact Maggie Winter on 01903 263 038 or email

Community Bench

The team at Camelia Botnar Foundation's Carpentry Department with the finished bench.
The team at Camelia Botnar

The FVRA was keen to provide something for all local shoppers and other visitors to King's Parade. The FVRA Committee decided that the best way to show this was a wooden bench, funded by FVRA subscription. It is the practice of the FVRA to give back to local residents what they have paid through their annual membership.

The bench is crafted by the carpentry department of Camelia Botnar Foundation, an organisation that endeavours to train and educate 16-21 year olds who are in problematic situations at home due to circumstances outside of their control. They are enabled to improve conditions in their lives and to develop as individuals.

Bench Insignia
Bench Insignia

The Foundation's cabinet-making and joinery department is housed in a large modern workshop, fully equipped with the machinery required for producing oak and pine furniture, hardwood and softwood joinery.

No prior experience is necessary as full training is given. In the first week every new trainee will make a variety of items progressing to a chest of drawers and so on. Once a trainee is proficient in basic furniture fabrication, he may enter the joinery section of the department. Joinery is a separate discipline involving the production of doors, window frames and gates etc., for both interior and exterior applications, using both softwoods and hardwoods. Much heavier timbers are used in joinery than in furniture production.

Community Bench
Community Bench

All furniture and joinery is produced for sale either through Camelia Botnar Homes & Gardens or direct to the end customer. This helps to instil a serious commercial attitude towards their work - shoddy workmanship simply will not sell. See examples of work projects undertaken by the Carpentry department.

After around two years of working in this department, trainees will be competent carpenters, qualified to work as machinists, fabricators, joiners or cabinet makers.

Enjoy the use of the FVRA community bench, positioned on the north end of King's Parade close to Jacobs Steel estate agents. Please do not leave any rubbish on the bench after use: either use the waste bin in King's Parade or take it home for recycling.

Kings Parade Planters

In 2012 several residents approached us disappointed about the state of the two ornamental planters on King's Parade. Early in 2013 we reached an agreement with WSCC and WBC that the FVRA can have ownership of these planters and a contract was agreed with Ferring Nurseries that they will plant and maintain them.

A seasonal change to our two planters in the parade, regularly maintained by Ferring Nurseries thanks to FVRA membership subscriptions.


Tree Planting on The Gallops


  • FVRA Commemorative Tree
    FVRA Commemorative Tree
  • Tree-Flower Plan
    Tree-Flower Plan
  • Rene and Barry
    Rene and Barry

Rene Hardman and Barry Winter planting Yew & Holly Trees
Rene & Barry planting trees
The Yew & Holly trees planted
Yew & Holly Trees


Despite the freezing weather, Rene had the help of Barry Winter (FVRA Trustee) to plant 14 trees - yew and holly - in another area of The Gallops. We have plans for more trees over the next few months and we'd appreciate the help of local residents with the planting. Please email Rene - - to register your interest in helping us to make The Gallops a better, more attractive place and encourage more wildlife to this side of the valley.


The FVRA continues the initiative with enhancing The Gallops by working alongside the Woodland Trust who provided the 30 trees and the go-ahead from Adur & Worthing Council to allow a designated area for the trees to be planted. Barrie Compton and Rene Hardman (who works with him in the FVRA) organised with Vale School for the children from the school's gardening club to plant the young trees - rowan, flowering cherry and silver birch - on Friday, 27 November 2015.

  • Tree planting before
    Tree planting before
  • Rene Hardman with children from the Vale School Gardening Club
    Rene Hardman with children from the Vale School Gardening Club
  • Maggie Winter with children from the Vale School Gardening Club
    Maggie Winter with children from the Vale School Gardening Club
  • Children from the Vale School Gardening Club
    Children from the Vale School Gardening Club
  • Barry Winter with children from the Vale School Gardening Club
    Barry Winter with children from the Vale School Gardening Club
  • Rene Hardman with children from the Vale School Gardening Club
    Rene Hardman with children from the Vale School Gardening Club
  • Tree planting after
    Tree planting after


Tony Holmes, Woodlands Trust - Peter Whish, Adur & Worthing Council - Barry Compton, Maggie & Barry Winter & Rene Hardman, FVRA - The Vale School Gardening Club with their teachers helping to plant the birch, flowering cherry and rowan trees - Karen Hardman, Lydia Fleming & Alfonsina Charomella who are Rene's friends helping the FVRA with yew, hawthorn, field maple and holly trees planting plus the wild privet - Kenny Malley who arranged for Darren Prince to use the digger to prepare the hole for the English oak tree.

Sowing of Wild Flowers on The Gallop


Many thanks to England Class (Year One) who helped us sow the wildflower seeds on Tuesday 1st May.

These areas offer great opportunities for wildlife and pollinating insects.



Rene with her 'moles' (Gabrielle, Lidia & Maggie) and Peter Whish with two other colleagues from Worthing Council Parks Department all helping to plant more wild flowers.
Wild Flower Planting
Wild flowers on The Gallops, initiated by the FVRA!
Wild flowers on The Gallops
Wild flowers on The Gallops, initiated by the FVRA!
More wild flowers


In 2015, we came up with the idea of planting of wild flowers, young trees and other plants on The Gallops to encourage wildlife like bees, other insects and a variety of birds. We approached Adur & Worthing Council for this and the result is the above photo! Barrie is also involved with the Woodland Trust and the local council in obtaining and preparing another area on The Gallops for young trees to be planted. We hope to have the help of some Vale School children with a few teachers with the planting. This will take place during the autumn.

Litter Picking


Organised by Lorraine our environmental officer and supported by WBC the 12th of May saw some 20 plus volunteers support a litter picking morning at Durrington cemetery where around ten bags of litter were collected.