Findon Valley Residents' Association

Protecting the interests of the Findon Valley community and the countryside around us

FVRA Campaigns

The FVRA has always been proactive looking after residents’ needs and interests by initiating campaigns on a wide variety of issues. The aim is to maximise awareness and encourage the local community to be involved either by signing a petition or come along to show their concern.

Campaigns include resisting the creation of a Children & Family Centre at Vale School and the closure of the HSBC Branch in Kings Road. Although both happened, for the Children & Family Centre – as the years went by – the FVRA was actually correct to say that there would be a low attendance given the demographics of Findon Valley and West Sussex Council eventually closed the site, allowing the area to be used by Vale School – a point that the FVRA had originally suggested was the better option, supported by local MP Tim Loughton, when the planning application was lodged.

It was inevitable the HSBC was going to close the local branch as other sites were being closed across the UK. However the FVRA did not want to lose the cashpoint as residents would have to cross the busy A24 Findon Road and walk across the BP fuel station, where the nearest ATM was located. The FVRA organised a team of volunteers to count the number of people using the HSBC cashpoint over two weeks, with each day logged per hour slots. With the massive number of people, local, commuters passing through and visiting tourists, it was essential to keep the cashpoint along the parade; with no bank, there was no ATM. Contact was made to the local Post Office, which is franchised, by the then FVRA Chairman to see if they could have one and soon enough there was a new ATM for everyone to use!

Please remember that the FVRA actually started as a group of local residents in 1936 who tirelessly campaigned against the build of a factory in Findon Valley. Their mission was successful and the group became the Findon Valley Residents’ Association and they continued to support the growing population as the two parish churches, Vale School, library and medical practice/pharmacy were built.

With Highways England’s single proposal to improve the A27 Worthing/Lancing stretch, the FVRA linked with High Salvington Residents’ Association to hold a Public Meeting to get feedback from the local communities. The majority view was a by-pass and both Associations will present this at the next A27 Working Group meeting. We will all have to see how Highways England responds from the result of the communities’ completed questionnaires and the Public Meeting in early September.

A27 Planned Upgrade

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