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The Findon Valley Residents' Association is a charity registered in England and Wales: 267009










We act on behalf of all residents to protect our collective interests and surrounding countryside as well as maintain/improve the local services already provided, forging close working links with the Councillors of both Worthing Borough Council and West Sussex County Councils, the Highways Agency, Tim Loughton (who is our local Member of Parliament) and voluntary-run groups with similar FVRA aims.

"Providing a medium by which local residents and other people with mutual interest in the collective affairs of Findon Valley, may communicate with the appropriate bodies and authorities through an elected committee, to represent a consensual  opinion to and for the public benefit."

"Developing a forum to publish, promote and preserve Findon Valley's historical heritage, community activities and other aspects, areas and undertakings of common interest."

"Actively supporting local charities through organising social events while encouraging the community spirit and goodwill."

"Protecting the interests of the Findon Valley community and the countryside around us."

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